Tremacide® 120 Flukicide for Cattle and Sheep

Tremacide® 120

Triclabendazole is a member of the benzimidazole family of drenches. Tremacide 120 is palatable, and may be administered to young, pregnant, weak or debilitated animals.

When used at the recommended rate it combines high efficacy against all stages of susceptible fluke with a high safety margin. At the recommended dose rate Tremacide 120 would have an efficacy of 98 to 100% against 6 to 8 week old flukes in the liver tissue and adults in the bile ducts, and has a safety margin of up to 16 in sheep. Triclabendazole is expected to reach peak serum levels in 12 to 36 hours and persist for up to 7 days after administration by binding to serum albumin. Approximately 50% of the drug is excreted through the bile.

Active Constituents
  • Triclabendazole 120 g/L

Treatment and control of acute and chronic fasciolosis in cattle and sheep caused by susceptible early immature, immature and mature liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica).

Dose Guide
Species Dose Rate
Cattle 5 mL/50 kg bodyweight (12 mg/kg)
Sheep 1 mL/12 kg bodyweight (10 mg/kg)
Withholding Periods

Cattle: 21 days.
Sheep: 21 days.

Milk: Do not use for animals producing milk for human consumption or processing.
Do not use less than 21 days before calving or lambing in cows or ewes where milk or milk products from treated animals may be used for human consumption. Where this product is accidentally given within this period, or should any cows or ewes give birth earlier than 21 days after treatment, milk will contain residues. This milk must not be used for human consumption or supplied for processing for at least 21 days following treatment.
Calves fed this milk within 10 days of slaughter, or lambs fed this milk within 7 days of slaughter, must not be used for human consumption.

Trade Advice

Export Slaughter Interval (ESI)
Cattle: 56 days.
Sheep: 63 days.

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