Research and Development

Jurox is a market driven animal health company, with value creation for veterinarians, pet owners and livestock producers at the centre of our development efforts.

Research Objectives

Our responsibility lies with a focused commitment to elevate standards and develop evidence-based solutions that represent value to veterinary professionals, livestock producers and pet owners.

We achieve this by focusing on 5 core medicinal categories;
Anaesthesia and Analgesia | Parasiticides | Anti-infectives | Reproduction | Cardiology

Countries in our global distribution:

Family-owned Australian APVMA & TGA approved manufacturer and one of few facilities globally to be EMEA and US-FDA accredited supplying animal health solutions to more than 30 countries from Australia.

No. 1

Developing unique and important products like Alfaxan, (Australia’s #1 veterinary anaesthetic), Q-drench (the only 4 way combination sheep drench).

15 %

50 dedicated staff and 15% of revenue available for research and development.


Employing over 180 staff globally in New Zealand, UK, Canada, USA

Scientific Divisions

Bound by quality, our research and development group strive for greater convenience and improved compliance with administration and delivery of animal health technology.


  • analytical method development
  • stability data
  • pilot batch scale up
  • in-vitro analysis

Clinical Studies

  • in-vivo studies
    • dose confirmation
    • target animal safety & efficacy
    • field & special population trials


  • CMC preparation
  • regulatory dossier submission


  • analytical transfer
  • raw material specification
  • validation

Team and Technology

Our research and development team consists of dedicated veterinarians, microbiologists, bio-analytical chemists, medicinal chemists, animal scientists, biologists, pharmacologists, QA & QC technicians. We value role diversity and shared knowledge among our R&D team, which ultimately leads to innovative solutions supported by convenience and compliance.

Campbell Quote
Campbell ScottHead of Chemistry

"We continually question how to improve outcomes and ultimately develop solutions that have a positive impact."

Our Process


Generate & Evaluate ideas

  • Generate new product ideas
  • Evaluate & screen ideas


Product attributes & business case

  • Develop business case & marketing insight
  • Define project scope
  • Patent & market evaluation
  • Online strategies & risks
  • Concept formula & prototypes


Finalise product attributes and formula

  • Refine & finalise business case
  • Refine & finalise project scope
  • Informal stability
  • Finalise formula
  • Pilot in-life studies
  • Development plan


Technical, clinical & regulatory data

  • Analytical method validation
  • Pilot batch stability study
  • Clinical study reports
  • Regulatory submission
  • Full-scale trial batches & process development report
  • Analytical transfer to Quality lab
  • Validation protocols (process, packaging etc)
  • Regulatory approval


Validation & Launch

  • Manufacturing validation batches
  • Validation reports
  • Release for supply


Develop technical, clinical & regulatory data

  • Post-launch review
  • Shelf-life extension
  • Annual product review
  • Ongoing stability
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Registration renewal


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Development Area

Improved sheep production
Companion animal surgery suite
Cattle production effeciencies
Equine health
Target Markets Product Launch Time Invested

Values and Commitment

We are committed to develop evidence-based solutions for the animal health industry. Our values guide our actions and provide the framework for a sustainable and engaging culture. We will achieve this through empowered leadership, tireless entrepreneurial commitment, taking ownership of our responsibilities and creating expertise through shared knowledge.

Interested in a career with us?

Jurox is committed to building on the diversity of all our employees and supports their ability to maximise their potential and contribute their knowledge and strengths toward achieving the common goal of being Australia’s Animal Health Company.

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