Efficacy & Rainfall Effects

Field trials conducted demonstrate the high efficacy of StrikeForce-S over an 18-24 week period.

Strikeforce Efficacy Chart
  • Trialled at 18 sites
  • Untreated control, StrikeForce-S, CLiK™
  • Each treatment group at each site n = 100 sheep
  • Fly presence was measured by incidence of blowfly strike in the untreated control group
  • Strikeforce-S and CLiK™ were demonstrated to be equally effective at the prevention of blow fly strike.

Rainfall Effects

The unique formulation allows lipophilic components to bind to the fleece, resulting in the active staying in the fleece during periods of rainfall. This means that dicyclanil stays on the sheep, protecting it from blowfly strike, for up to 18 - 24 weeks.

* In both real life conditions and simulated rainfall testing StrikeForce-S still delivered high concentrations of dicyclanil in the lanolin and suint where the larvae are active.

Concentration of StrikeForce-S in wool after rainfall1

Rainfall Chart 01
Strikeforce Concentration Mobile
1 Data on file
2 Levot GW (2012) Cyromazine resistance detected in Australian sheep blowfly, AVJ, 90 (11):433-437
3 NSW DPI lawi/Levot 2014, A National breech strike R&D technical update
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