The Solution


StrikeForce-S is a unique solution, containing dicyclanil, the most effective active for prevention of blowfly strike on sheep.


The StrikeForce-S formulation has both hydrophilic (water soluble) and lipophilic (fat soluble) components. As a result dicyclanil disperses both into the fleece, where the larvae are active, as well as over the body of the sheep, resulting in a more even distribution of dicyclanil over the animal, rather than a large concentration of active remaining along the application area.

Nz Strikeforce Dicyclanil


On application of StrikeForce-S, dicyclanil distributes into the lanolin and the suint, where blowfly larvae feed. As a result of ingesting dicyclanil, feeding first stage larvae do not survive to second stage. 

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