Australia’s New Flystrike Solution.

StrikeForce®-S provides season long blowfly strike protection with the flexibility of short withholding periods in an easy-to-use unique solution

Strike Force 15 L

The Solution

Containing dicyclanil, the most effective active for prevention of blowfly strike on sheep.

Product Efficacy

Field trials conducted demonstrate the high efficacy of StrikeForce-S over an 18 - 24 week period.


A short meat WHP (14 days) and ESI (35 days) mean that market options remain open, giving farmers peace of mind and an ability to supply on short notice.

Additional Benefits

User-friendlyThe low viscosity formulation means that StrikeForce-S is easy to apply.
Highly visibleThe red formulation is easy to see, allowing for accurate application and identification of treated animals. 
Easy clean up The applicator, which can be any standard fan tip applicator, can be washed out in water after use.
No shaking before use.Being a solution, there is no need to shake StrikeForce-S before use, as the active won’t settle.
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