American Society of Veterinary Anesthesiologists

The American Society of Veterinary Anesthesiologists was established in 1970 and recognized as the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1975. Full accreditation was conferred upon the organization in 1980. 

This body is the governing body for veterinary anesthesia. Its members provide recommendations leading to consistently safe and effective clinical anesthesia as well as research and review new anesthetic and analgesic developments. To become a member, one must complete a residency in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia following his or her graduation from a veterinary college, complete an extensive case submission and publish a scholarly contribution to veterinary medicine before passing an examination process. Further information can be found at the association’s website: 

An adjunct group and professional counterpart, the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Anesthesia and Analgesia (AVTAA) was established in 1999. AVTAA members dedicate years of specialization to anesthesia and analgesia, perform case reports and submit case logs before sitting for an examination process. More information on the AVTAA can be found at